Do you ever feel as though Moodle has become an integral part of your life? Sometimes the library staff does! Augustana’s push to maintain awareness of how much paper we are using led the Circulation staff, who assist the faculty with placing items on Moodle, to review our statistics. The results were astonishing!

To conduct the comparison, we took statistics from Fall 2004 – Spring 2008.  During the 2004/05 and 2005/06 academic years, we were operating a home-grown web-based electronic reserve format.  In the 2006/07 academic year, we converted the entire format to Moodle.  This allowed greater access to documents as well as the enrollment key feature, which helps the college to maintain our copyright compliance. 



We assessed the number of classes with items on electronic reserve/Moodle, the number of items on reserve, and the number of times those items were viewed. It is important to note that these numbers reflect only the items the library assisted in placing on electronic reserve or Moodle — not items which faculty members placed into public folders or Moodle themselves.

The specific numbers are as follows:

Term Classes with Items on Electronic Reserve/Moodle Number of Items Visits (in ER) / Viewings (in Moodle)
Fall 2004 60 500 13852
Winter 2004-05 53 446 11675
Spring 2005 50 244 5574
Total for 2004-05 163 1190 31101
Fall 2005 45 482 10452
Winter 2005-06 68 586 11829
Spring 2006 72 520 8727
Total for 2005-06 185 1588 31008
In 2006, we switched from our home-grown Electronic Reserve to Moodle.  Statistics below reflect solely items the library put on Moodle.
Fall 2006 50 505 19072
Winter 2006-07 40 325 12691
Spring 2007 58 477 19000
Total for 2006-07 148 1307 50763
Fall 2007 84 1368 26952
Winter 2007-08 58 1195 22799
Spring 2008 63 1486 34312
Total for 2007-08 205 4049 84063

So I guess the numbers bear us out. It’s a Moodle world.  We just live in it!

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