Live from Illinois Immersion 2007!

Hello to everyone at the Tredway Library!  I write to you from a computer lab in the Milner Library on the campus of Illinois State University in lovely Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, where I’m busily working on an assignment…ok, perhaps not so “busily” at the moment.

Why am I at ISU?  Why am I working on an assignment over the summer?  I’m here with my fellow reference librarian, Amanda, participating in an intense 5-day workshop about teaching, learning, and information literacy.  Our teachers are librarians who are at the cutting edge of information literacy, doing great things at their colleges and universities to help their students and faculty navigate the ever-changing and expanding world of information.  “Information literacy” includes so much more than just using the library for academic research; it’s about using information throughout our lives to be informed citizens, intelligent consumers, and empowered individuals. 

Amanda and I are looking forward to sharing what we’ve learned with all of our colleagues back in Rock Island.  See you soon!


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