A Death in Belmont

belmont.jpgA Death in Belmont by Sebastian Junger

The author of A Perfect Storm has created another non-fiction thriller that keeps you on your toes. As a small child in the early 1960’s, Sebastian lived in the Boston suburb of Belmont. His artist mother contracted with a local builder for a studio addition to their home. One of his laborers, a man named Al, made her uncomfortable with his suggestive comments, but she hestitated to say anything to his boss because he was supporting a family. On the day the project was finished, a woman named Bessie Goldberg, who lived only minutes away from the Jungers, was strangled and raped in her home. Roy Smith, a black man hired by Mrs. Goldberg to clean that day, was quickly arrested, tried and convicted of her murder. Only several years later did the world learn more about Al, better known as Albert DeSalvo, the Boston Strangler. The book explores the stories of the lives of Smith and DeSalvo and asks you to answer the question: who killed Mrs. Goldberg?

–Connie Ghinazzi

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One Response to A Death in Belmont

  1. sedgehammer says:

    This sounds great! I am currently living in Belmont, and would thus find the story more delightfully creepy. Thanks for the suggestion.

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