Leave Your Legacy


Make a page in Augustana’s Time Capsule Book, which will be stored in the Tredway Library’s Special Collections department to be enjoyed by future students, staff, faculty, and alumni!

Using FREE archival paper, create a page by yourself, or get together with friends, your athletic team, your department, your residence hall, your office, your club or group, etc. to create a page together that commemorates your year here at Augustana College.

Include whatever content you’d like on your page: prose, poetry, images, scanned photos, art…be creative!  Just be sure to follow the guidelines included in the links below to ensure that the materials you use will stand the test of time.

Pages may be submitted anytime during fall and winter term.  For more information–including how to get the FREE archival paper to create your page–please follow the appropriate link below:

Students                               Faculty                                Staff/Administration

If you have questions, contact me (Anne Earel, Reference Librarian) or Sherry Maurer, Director of the Augustana College Art Museum.  We can’t wait to see your pages!

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