A Literary Society Born from German Occupation

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.  The very title intrigued me.  After all, what is a potato peel pie?  And why would someone name a literary society that?

This enchanting novel, told via letters between islanders, visitors, and friends, chronicles the hardships of some residents of Guernsey during World War II and the strength they found in this unlikely group.

Though it certainly deals with very serious elements of the war, including the German occupation of the island and concentration camp survivors, there is a warmth and humanity of character throughout this book.  The sadness and the depth of the trials the Guernsey people went through is tempered by the moments of lightness that come from living on an island cut off from the world through much of the war.  I can’t truly call this a fun book – the subject matter is too serious – but it has a lot of fun moments, and a reminder that sometimes, friends and books can get you through a lot of trouble.

–Christine Aden

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