WordSlough Writing Contest Winner!

 She’s done it again. Kim Hedlin, winner of last year’s WordSlough writing contest, sent in another prize-winning poem for this year’s 4th annual WordSlough Writing Contest. A sophomore English major and psychology minor, Kim has a way with words, at least with the WordSlough vocabulary. Congratulations, Kim!

Kim’s poem:

My initial intention was to create an intricate masterpiece so full of literary jargon, koans, and esoteric allusions that critics would devote years creating an exegesis of my work. However, due to a shortage of time, I had no choice but to pule and sigh and create what is printed below.


A Day at the Zoo

An ABC Poem

Our day at the zoo was so much fun.

There was lots to do and see!

Listen to all the things we did

As we go from A to Z!


We admired the aplomb of an alligator.

We bamboozled a brilliant baboon.

We chuckled at a chubby cheetah.

We determined the donkey was as dead as a detritus.

We exculpated an erroneous elephant.

We fancied a flamingo feasting on focaccia.

We gazed at a gamboling giraffe.

We hid from a heinous hippopotamus.

We irritated an irascible iguana.

We joked with a jovial jaguar.

We kidded a kooky kangaroo.

We lamented the luck of a lugubrious lion.

We missed a macabre match between monkeys.

We nodded to a notable narwhal.

We objurgated an obnoxious ostrich.

We petted a prurient peacock.

We quieted a querulous quail.

We roused a rambunctious rabbit.

We shushed the sibilance of a snake.

We tried to talk to a taciturn tiger.

We unexpectedly unearthed a unicorn.

We vilified a voluptuary vulture.

We watched a waggling walrus.

We took a break.

We yelled at a yawning yak.

We zoomed in on a zebra zipping in the zephyr.


That’s the end of our adventure,

So now our poem is done.

It has no heuristic value,

But didn’t we have fun?

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