Silent Influences: Photographs by Hunt Harris

Silent Influences: Photographs by Hunt Harris, Fourth floor coffee shop in the Thomas Tredway Library

Monday, November 23, 4 p.m., Tredway Library

Hunt Harris will speak about his digital photographs and the infrared results. 

Moline native Hunt Harris acknowledges that family and career responsibilities took precedent over his childhood passion for photography, but decades later, with the advent of digital cameras and an empty nest, his interest in photography was rekindled. Especially intrigued to capture the essence of a scene, he has found that the image captured with a lens does not fully express what he visualized, so he enhances his shots on the computer with Photoshop. This exhibition includes some of his early use of a digital camera specifically converted to take black and white infrared pictures.  He notes, “After conversion this camera ‘sees’ a longer wavelength spectrum of light turning green leaves to white.  The result is a stunning contrast between architecture, water, blue sky and foliage not recorded by conventional digital or film cameras.” With a master’s degree in business from Stanford University, he is president and owner of Isabel Bloom L.L.C., and has headed many volunteer programs in the Quad Cities. The exhibition title is derived from a quotation from Dr. Conrad Bergendoff: “Who can estimate the silent influence a beautiful campus can make on the hundreds of young people who daily walk over it? This, too, is part of an education.”

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