Caption Contest Winners!

Natalie Markovich ’11

In hindsight, betting his college savings on a horse with 20:1 odds wasn’t Rob’s best idea–but it was the only way he could afford Augustana.

Honorable Mention:
Early into research that would eventually result in his pioneering “Forty Developmental Assets,” Peter Benson (right) determines that gambling, beer-drinking and numbers-running are not positive developmental activities for youth. Art and chess, however, remain on the list.
~Kai Swanson, Executive Assistant to the President

“Chess set: $10, Long distance prank calls: $0.30/minute, Realizing you have finals the next morning during the party of the century: Priceless.”
~ Justin Smith ’13

Laura Burns ’10

President Bahls began to rethink “Augie Choice” when Hogwarts opened its doors to Muggles.

Honorable Mention:
Back in the day, Augie faculty really knew how to reduce stress at those pre-tenure hearings.
~ Carla Tracy, Tredway Library

The Knights of Confessio Augustana.
~ Josh Morgan ’10

CONFORMITY – Because looking stupid is best accomplished as a group.
~ Amanda Makula, Tredway Library

Britnee Eccles ’13

“Alright, Dave, I’m going to ask you one more time.  Did you, or did you not, aid my students in dragging my desk out here and pushing it into the slough?”

Honorable Mention:
“It’s a shame to meet like this, but if we want to talk about campus parking, we can’t be too careful.”
~ Carla Tracy, Library

“He tried to listen to the little man in the black coat, but he found the black squirrels much more fascinating.”
~ Kim Hedlin ’11

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