Food Reads!

This is a good time of year to be reading about food with the holiday season upon us. Even for me as a Jew who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, I’m looking forward to Hanukah’s traditional foods of hot potato latkes and fresh homemade applesauce–there’s no better combination. So let your gustatory reveries float to the top as you join Sarah and me for the third discussion in our series Food Reads. This your first time? No worries, come on over on Tuesday, November 30 at 4:00 in Tredway 518 (across from the elevator on 5th floor). Our selection this time is Laurie Colwin’s book Home Cooking. Although it’s an easy read, you could select chapters to read if you don’t have time for the whole book. We’ve posted a few chapters on Moodle (Library/Food Reads) for your convenience.

So who is Laurie Colwin? A novelist, short story writer, and author of two collections of writing about food, Colwin died unexpectedly at the age of 48. Jonathan Yardley calls her a “wise, big-hearted writer, a deft and funny one, too.” That is a great way to describe Home Cooking–wise, big-hearted, deft, and funny. Read it–it will make you smile, and make you hungry. To satisfy that state of affairs, I’m going to be making Colwin’s gingerbread for the discussion.

Colwin and I are both Jewish. Although Jewish food hardly makes an appearance in Home Cooking, I think that we would have had one whopping time sharing latkes and applesauce–with gingerbread for dessert.

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