Souvenirs From Japan

It all started with a group of dolls that library staffer Sherrie Herbst had stored away in her house. She showed them to me and I showed them to Professor Naoko Gujni who told us that two of the dolls were Hina dolls, dolls that are traditionally displayed on step-altars in people’s home during the Hina Doll Festival on March 3. Hina dolls were developed in the 17th century and are dressed as nobles from the Heian period (794-1185). A display was called for. To augment the lovely dolls, we borrowed other souvenirs from Japan collected by students, faculty, and staff. There’s a little bit of everything in this wide-ranging and sometimes fanciful display of people’s favorite items from Japan: tea sets, a vase, bowls and plates, fans, kids’ toys, a kimono and obi, kids’ pajamas, dolls, and more. My favorite item? A slender metal container for a brush and ink that slips into a man’s sleeve until he needs it. And your favorite?

Margi Rogal

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