Calling for YOUR banned book!

As most everyone knows, and if you don’t, you will in half a second, Fahrenheit 451, the book written by Ray Bradbury in 1950, is the Augie Reads selection for 2011-12. In support of the campus-wide reading of F451, the library will mount a display in the fall featuring–what else?–banned books because, as you also no doubt know, the book takes place in a world where books are not allowed, in fact, if found they are burned to a crisp.

Although, for the most part, we don’t burn books in civilized society, people frequently do attempt to ban them from libraries, classrooms, and bookstores. As an antidote to these efforts, the annual Banned Books Week celebrates the freedom to read. This year, Banned Books Week is held September 24-October 1, but Augustana will be highlighting banned books in the fall with F451 and with a library display of banned books–YOUR banned books. Yes, we want to display copies of books that belong to members of the Augustana community that have been read and loved by you, and banned at some point in history.

Here are two lists of banned books:

Contact me, Margi Rogal, about your banned book that you would like to contribute to the display:
and thank you!
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