2011 Library Prize Winner Announced

Tredway Library is pleased to announce Maureen Zach as the winner of the 2011 Tredway Library Prize for First-Year Research, for her paper, “Why the Greater Good is Good: Lessons from Harry Potter.” Maureen wrote her paper for LSFY103, “The Soul of Harry Potter,” taught by Pastor Richard Priggie.  We will celebrate Maureen’s prize winning paper on Thursday, September 15th at 4 pm at the south end of 2nd floor of the library. Join us for cake and punch.

 Maureen is a sophomore from Oregon, WI. She has not declared her major, but is trying to choose between Spanish, Sociology, Religion and Anthropology or maybe design a major that is a combination of all of them! In her free time, Maureen works on campus as an Admissions Ambassador, and is a member of APO and the crew team.

 We were pleased to receive 32 entries in this year’s Library Prize contest; the decision of choosing one paper from such a diverse and interesting group was difficult. The judges, Virginia Johnson and Connie Ghinazzi were impressed by Maureen’s choice of topic, “Why the Greater Good is Good: Lessons from Harry Potter.” Maureen looked at the broad question of “the greater good” from philosophical, religious and social perspectives and then applied these to the character of Harry Potter.  Maureen effectively balanced specific references to the Rowlings’ texts with selective citations from a variety of disciplines to support her insightful argument.  All sources were cited accurately in MLA format.   The judges also were impressed with the organization of the essay.  Maureen logically applied her early extended definition of “greater good” to the character of Harry Potter, first through a brief survey of examples from the series, then through a closer reading of Deathly Hallows.  Transitions between paragraphs were authentic, allowing readers to follow her argument clearly.

 In Maureen’s reflective essay about the project, she described her immediate excitement about her question but subsequent doubt and preliminary confusion about where to start and where to look. Her reflective essay describes her consequent search for resources throughout the writing of the paper.  Maureen didn’t go into the project with a preconceived conclusion and try to find articles to support it, but learned from the resources she consulted.  She used early sources to define her issues and later sources to find more specific evidence for her developing case. Her final essay demonstrates the tenacity, skills and emerging confidence we want students to gain from their experiences in the LSFY program.

 Congratulations Maureen Zach, and thanks to all the first year students who wrote and submitted these fine papers. Maureen’s paper can be found here:  Greater Good Maureen Zach 2011

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