Library Prize Winner Revealed

Tredway Library is pleased to announce Natali Bode as the winner of the 2012 Tredway Library Prize for First-Year Research, for her paper, “A Spoonful of Sugar.” Natali wrote her paper for LSFY103, “Power and Privilege in American Drama,” taught by Dr. Jennifer Popple.  We will celebrate Natali’s prize-winning paper on Tuesday, Sept. 18 at 4 pm at the south end of 2nd floor of the library. Join us for cake and punch.

Natali is a sophomore from Aurora, IL. She is majoring in Elementary Education and participates in Club Ed and Spanish Club. Natali is also involved with the Augustana chapter of Camp Kesem, a national program that provides free camping opportunities to children who have a parent deceased from (or currently battling) cancer.

 We were pleased to receive 37 entries in this year’s Library Prize contest. The judges were Reference Librarians Amanda Makula and Anne Earel and Assistant Director of the Reading / Writing Center Lucas Street. They were impressed by Natali’s well-developed proposed solutions — bold, yet practical — to a ubiquitous public health issue. Though governmental regulation of individuals’ sugar consumption is a broad issue with many stakeholders, Natali’s essay makes it more approachable by examining it first broadly and historically, then through specific present-day national and local Augustana examples. Natali skillfully weaves thorough research into her argument in a logical, reader-friendly approach, all the while gently addressing objections with rational and compassionate responses. Moreover, her paper is lively, engaging, and exhibits conscientious attention to the conventions of good writing.

In her accompanying reflective essay, Natali writes that although she was initially apprehensive about the research endeavor, she soon discovered “that by researching in intervals–rather than all in one sitting–and setting specific goals for each research session greatly helped make the research managemable and interesting.” It was important to Natali to consult “several different types of sources in order to get a better sense of the discussion” and indeed, she did exactly that, drawing on reference resources, various electronic databases, both popularly and scholarly sources, government documents, even a youtube clip and song lyrics.

Congratulations to Natali Bode, and thanks to all the first-year students who wrote and submitted these fine papers. Natali’s paper can be found here: A Spoonful of Sugar

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