New Items in Special Collections

Every fall, we post some information about a few interesting items acquired by Special Collections over the course of the past year. You can view any of these items by vising Special Collections, on the first floor of the library (open hours M-Th, 1-5, and by appointment).

[Book of Hours]. [France, probably Amiens: ca. 1450].
1 vellum bifolium, written in a single column with 27 lines in a humanist bookhand. The text is “For the Hour of None,” Psalm 118. Decorated with initial letters and line-fillers in gold, blue, and burgundy.

Meigs, Cornelia. Clearing Weather. Boston: Little, Brown, 1928.
Cornelia Meigs (1884-1973) was a Newbery Medal winning author (for her book Invincible Louisa, a children’s biography of Louisa May Alcott), who was born in Rock Island and grew up in Keokuk, Iowa. Meigs is a new addition to our collection of local authors. This title is a Newbery Honor book about ships and life at sea during the Revolutionary War era.  It has art-deco illustrations by Frank Dobias.

Reavis, L.U. A Pamphlet for the People: Containing Facts and Arguments in Favor of the Removal of the National Capital to the Mississippi Valley.  St. Louis, E.P.. Gray, 1869.
An uncommon, detailed, and “happily bombastic” (according to the bookseller description) argument in favor of moving the national capital to St. Louis. Reavis emphasizes the national importance of the Mississippi River.

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