Congratulations to Natali Bode

Natali Bode received the Tredway Library Prize for First Year Research. With Natali are (l to r) judges Lucas Street, Amanda Makula and Anne Earel.

On Tuesday, September 18th, Natali Bode received her prize as the winner of the 2012 Tredway Library Prize for First-Year Research.  Students, faculty and staff gathered in the Tredway Library to celebrate Natali’s success and hear part of her award-winning paper,  “A Spoonful of Sugar.”

In her introduction, judge Amanda Makula explained that, while reviewing the 37 submissions for the prize, the judges “were impressed by Natali’s well-developed proposed solutions — bold, yet practical — to a ubiquitous public health issue. Though governmental regulation of individuals’ sugar consumption is a broad issue with many stakeholders, Natali’s essay makes it more approachable by examining it first broadly and historically, then through specific present-day national and local Augustana examples. Natali skillfully weaves thorough research into her argument in a logical, reader-friendly approach, all the while gently addressing objections with rational and compassionate responses. Moreover, her paper is lively, engaging, and exhibits conscientious attention to the conventions of good writing.”

Congratulations again to Natali Bode!

If you are a first-year student and are interested in submitting a paper for the 2013 Tredway Library Prize for First-Year Research, watch this space for details in the spring.

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