Presidential poll results are in

After a long day of presidential polling, the results are clear:  Augustana’s presidential candidate of choice is President Barack Obama. The president obtained a sizeable lead early in the poll and Governor Romney was not able to overcome the gap.

When polling closed at 10 PM last night, 127 votes had been cast.  The results were:

President Barack Obama – 85 votes

Governor Mitt Romney – 34 votes

Write-in/3rd party candidates – 8 votes

  • 3 tickets with no names
  • 2 votes for Ron Paul
  • 1 vote for Gary Johnson
  • 1 vote for Vernon Medlinger-Chin
  • 1 vote for “I still like Ike”

As a community, we are all looking forward to seeing who is elected to the presidential office on November 6th (and frankly, I’m guessing that I’m not the only one looking forward to the end of political commercials, phone calls, emails and mailers).  The librarians and staff thank you for your participation in our wholly unscientific experiment, and we encourage all members of the Augustana community to vote in their local, state, and federal elections.

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