4th Floor’s New Beginning

Another layer of the Center for Student Life takes shape as part of the existing 4th floor reopens for student use this week.  Over break, construction crews worked feverishly to completely reimagine the Brew.  The servery has been moved to its new position, concrete floors have been polished, and new furniture has been put into place.

Students will also be able to see the outside of the new OSA, Multicultural Services, and Reading/Writing Center offices, all of which should be open sometime in Spring term. The library staff look forward to welcoming our partners to their new spaces.  The carpeted spaces on either side of the elevator hallway will have soft sofas and chairs in the near future.

The interior library stairs are now open between first and fourth floors, so you can put your new year’s resolutions to work as you go between upper and lower campus.

On the 3rd floor, the area surrounding the atrium between 2nd and 3rd now has a “study bar” available.  This offers students another option for study space.  We hope to have electrical outlets available in this area soon.

Still to come: the reopening of the north end of the 4th floor.  This area is still under construction, but will house more study space, a library instruction classroom that will double as another computer lab, 2 more study rooms, and the international students office.

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