Librarians go to Indianapolis!

Bloomington The Street 2 SAM

Q: What do Augustana librarians do when they aren’t teaching library research skills, working at the Research Help desk, organizing displays and events, and contributing in other ways to the life of the campus community?

A: They travel and share their work at national library conferences!

Librarians Stefanie Bluemle, Amanda Makula, and Margi Rogal recently presented a poster, “The Joy of (Performance) Assessment,” at the biennial conference of the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) in Indianapolis. Drawing on Tredway Library’s recent shift from quantitative to qualitative assessment of information literacy outcomes in LSFY, their presentation outlined the process of prioritizing learning outcomes, designing performance-based assessments, and analyzing the results to acquire data that directly fuels improvement in librarians’ teaching. Stefanie, Amanda, and Margi advocate increased use of qualitative assessments, including performance assessment, among instruction librarians as a means to better evaluate student understanding of higher-level information literacy concepts. Their poster is currently on display on the 2nd floor of the library – come check it out!

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