All about Augustana’s Field Stations


Ever wonder about the original purpose of that beautiful oak cabinet next to the printers? Here in the library, it has been a handy resting place for staplers and a three hole punch, but it is really a botany case, built over 100 years ago to hold herbarium samples.

Now as you staple those papers, you can take a peek into the world of our Augustana Field Stations.  With the cooperation of Dr. Bo Dziadyk in providing slides and plant specimens, Carlisle Evans-Peck and Darwin Club members put together this display. Displayed under the glass are descriptions of our three field stations and photographs of these natural treasures.

Pull open the  top drawers on each side  of the botany case. Here you find  specimen sheets created by Augustana students of plants found at our field stations. These dried specimens with their careful documentation are used by botanists to identify among species and provided a way a recording the plant life of a particular area.


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