Get your “Mango” on!


Hola! Konnichiwa! Zdravstvuj! (That’s “hello” in Spanish, Japanese, and Russian.)

The library — together with the Reading / Writing Center, the Office of International and Off-Campus Programs, and International Student Services — is excited to announce a new online language learning tool: Mango Languages. Mango teaches basic conversational language skills in over 40 languages and has an ESL component as well.

We are testing out this product for the next year and we hope you’ll use it and give us your feedback! Those of you who are planning to study abroad will find it particularly useful. Mango may also be valuable for faculty members who travel to attend conferences, workshops, and seminars or to do research around the world. The focus is on spoken conversational language, so it is best as a primer for upcoming travel rather than reading proficiency. It is amazing how much good just a few sentences and phrases in a local language can do for a traveler!

The link to the library website is below. Scroll down and click on Mango Languages and then set up an account using your Augustana email as the log-in.  Have fun!

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