Official opening of the new CSL


It’s ready!

The new Center for Student Life will officially open on Monday, Aug. 26 at 8 AM. Join us for a day celebrating this new campus landmark and the academic/social synergies it represents.

In her e-mail to the campus community, Dean of Students Evelyn Campbell had this to say:

“I believe that fostering communication, collaboration and shared viewpoints is at the heart of a liberal arts education and the CSL will inspire just that.  Until now, we have created buildings that supported the liberal arts with a specific focus . . . What is unique about the CSL is that it will provide all of the academic disciplines and all of the out-of-classroom opportunities with a place to mingle. It will be a place where new ideas will be generated—where students and faculty members will discuss research papers, where members of the campus community will participate in a leadership roundtable, where new friendships will be forged and life will be lived.”

Come celebrate with us! A full schedule of the day’s activities can be viewed here:

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