We Read Banned Books. We Think You Should Too.

BBW13_300x250It’s not much of a secret.  Librarians feel very passionately about books and your right to read them.  We take our role as guardians of your First Amendment rights very seriously.  And yes, we read books that people across this country have tried to ban or censor from public view. Whether you agree with the people’s concern or not, we think you have the right to read the books and make your own judgments as informed citizens.

For a list of the most challenged and banned books of 2012-2013, including the reasons why, click here: www.ila.org/BannedBooks/BBW_2012-2013_Shortlist.pdf.

For more information about banned and frequently challenged books, the American Library Association has a detailed list of how the list is calculated, why challenges are made, and what the school or library did in response to the request to remove or limit access to the book.  http://www.ala.org/bbooks/frequentlychallengedbooks

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