Watch movies. Learn new languages.


Do you want to learn a language but can’t find the time or the motivation? What if we told you that you could enjoy a movie and learn at the same time?  Say hello to our newest language-learning resource: Mango Premiere™.

Mango Premiere™ is the first and only language-learning program to combine education with entertainment by teaching language through foreign films. The idea is simple: you watch a movie with audio (and subtitles, if you choose) in the language you are trying to learn. If you like, you can watch in “Engage Mode,” which employs short lessons and interactive content throughout the viewing experience.

To access Mango Premiere™, visit and click on “Mango Languages.” Create an account, or log in to your existing account. Click on “Courses” and then on “Language Learning through film” on the left-hand menu.

There are currently only four films available, but more will be added. If you have any questions about Mango Premiere™, please contact librarian Amanda Makula at:

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