Farewell, Sarah Horowitz

2012_12_14_LibraryResearch_FM-10Friday, Dec. 13 is Special Collections Librarian Sarah Horowitz’s final day at Augustana College. In her  6 1/2 years here, Sarah has accomplished so much! Some of her contributions include:

–Increasing the student usage of Special Collections to approximately 25% of the student body each year. (This means that vast numbers of students are getting the chance to use original primary materials!)

–Helping bring about the new and improved Special Collections space: not only a great area for learning, teaching, and working, but also a visual statement of the importance of Special Collections to the library and the broader campus

–Facilitating the college’s 150th anniversary celebration and helping expose more people to Augustana’s history

–Connecting people from departments (academic and non-academic) all over campus with the materials in Special Collections, and increasing the awareness of Special Collections and what it has to offer

–Creating MANY more online finding aids and cataloging records

–Representing Augustana College in a national assessment pilot program (Assessment in Action)

–Baking delectable desserts for the library staff (!)

If you see Sarah this week, please thank her for her hard work and service and wish her well in her new position as Head of Special Collections at Haverford College. We will miss you, Sarah!

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One Response to Farewell, Sarah Horowitz

  1. smhorowitz says:

    And all these things would never have been accomplished without the fabulous Tredway Library staff! These aren’t things I did along; they’re achievements by the entire library.

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