Working with the John Henry Hauberg papers

One of Tredway Library’s student workers, Ruki Girish, has written about her work in the library for the AugieBlog. Ruki works in Special Collections processing the John Henry Hauberg glass plate negatives, a collection of over 7,000 photographic images taken by Hauberg, including photos of his family, travels, natural surroundings, and local research interests. This has been a very challenging but fascinating journey for Ruki, who is poised to finish the project before she graduates this year. An excerpt from her blog follows.

“Hauberg stuck his fingers in every part of Quad Cities history he could reach and I wouldn’t know half as much as I do about why Tama, Iowa is important (Google it!) if not for him. And though I’ve had to slog through pictures of single cows and empty fields without the remotest inkling where they’re from, though I’ve had to slog through boxes and boxes of baby pictures (you haven’t met a proud father until you’ve met Hauberg), I’ve also seen beautiful pictures of temples in Mexico, of the good old Mississippi and of Augustana itself.”

Click here to read Ruki’s entire AugieBlog post, “My Life’s Work (at Augie).” Well done, Ruki. Keep up the good work!

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