Take off with a new language


Do you want to learn a new language? Are you preparing to go on study abroad? Have you ever wanted to try the Rosetta Stone? This is your chance!

The library has a subscription to the Rosetta Stone, a highly regarded immersive language learning system. What makes the Rosetta Stone unique is that there’s no English translation. Instead, it is designed to mimic the way that we learn our first language. Using the Rosetta Stone is a fun, interactive experience that helps you learn quickly. And there are over 30 languages from which to choose!

You can choose a particular track that best suits your needs. For example, if reading signs is important to you, choose the “Reading” track. If you are more interested in verbal communication, choose the “Speaking and Listening” track.

To get started, simply visit the library’s “A-Z” database page and click on “R” to jump down to the Rosetta Stone. You’ll be prompted to set up an account for yourself so that you can track your progress.

If you have any questions, please contact AmandaMakula@augustana.edu

Have fun and happy learning!

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