Publish your outstanding work in Augustana Digital Commons


You’ve put a lot of effort into writing a great paper and so far the only person who has read it is your professor. Both of you agree it is well done. Why not share it with a worldwide audience through Augustana Digital Commons?

Here are the benefits:

  • Your work will have a permanent, academic url attached to it that you can include on employment, grad school, scholarship, and internship applications.
  • Your work is visible to prospective students and their families so they can see what student scholarship looks like at Augustana.
  • Your work can include a creative commons license so that you specify how it can be used by others.
  • Each month you receive an email letting you know how many times your work has been downloaded and with what type of institution they are affiliated.
  • For most disciplines, publishing in Augustana Digital Commons doesn’t prevent you from submitting your work to journals in your field.

Questions? Contact Connie Ghinazzi. Take advantage of this terrific opportunity to share your outstanding work with the world!


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